S9300/5300/3300/2300 Products Maintenance Training


S9300/5300/3300/2300 Products Introduction
Introduction to Product Hardware for ODE222001 S9300/5300/3300/2300

  • Dealing with the Specifications for S9300/5300/3300/2300
  • Basic Overview for boards of S9300/5300/3300/2300
  • Using Typical application of S9300/5300/3300/2300

Introducing the Feature introduction toODE222002 S9300/5300/3300/2300 Product

  • Dealing with Ethernet features
  • Dealing with routing features
  • Dealing with MPLS VPN features
  • Introducing the features for QoS
  • Dealing with security features
  • Working with high reliability features
  • Basic Understanding of Network Management feature
  • Dealing with the new features of S9300

S9300/5300/3300/2300 Products L2 Features Operation and Troubleshooting
Understanding the Features and Configuration for ODE202004 S9300/5300/3300/2300 VLAN

  • Understanding the Principles for VLAN
  • Dealing with VLAN communication Principles
  • Concept of Implementing VLAN on S9300
  • Concept of Configuring  VLAN on S9300

Basic Introduction to Features and Configuration for ODE202005 S9300/5300/3300/2300 VLAN

  • Basic Understanding on interface link-type
  • Basic Overview of QinQ features
  • Understanding the concept of Mapping Features on VLAN

Overview of Features and Configuration for ODE222014 S9300/5300/3300/2300 Link Aggregation
Understanding the Features and Realization for ODE202021 S9300/5300/3300/2300 STP & RSTP & MSTP
S9300 Products Routing Features Operation and Troubleshooting
Basic Understanding of Features and Configuration for ODE202009 S9300/5300/3300/2300 OSPF

  • Basic overview of OSPF
  • Understanding OSPF Concept in detail
  • Dealing with the Packet format for OSPF
  • Understanding the various Types of LSAs
  • Introducing the concept for Default routes

Introduction to Features and Configuration for ODE202010 S9300/5300/3300/2300 BGP

  • Basic Introduction to BGP
  • Understanding the Attributes for BGP
  • Dealing with the Route Selection principle for BGP
  • Understanding Problems in large-Scale networks
  • Basic Configuration for S9300 BGP

S9300/5300/3300/2300 Products MPLS VPN Features Operation and Troubleshooting
Concept of Features and Configuration for ODE202011 S9300/5300/3300/2300 MPLS LDP

  • Basic Introduction to MPLS
  • Understanding the establishment for LDP LSP
  • Overview of MPLS forwarding
  • Understanding Application of MPLS
  • Basic Configuration for S9300 MPLS/LDP

Concept of Features and Configuration for ODE202012 S9300/5300/3300/2300 MPLS L3 VPN

  • Basic Introduction to MPLS L3VPN
  • Understanding the basic principle for MPLS L3VPN
  • Dealing with the basic Networking for MPLS L3VPN

Concept of Features and Configuration for ODE202013 S9300/5300/3300/2300 MPLS VLL

  • Basic Introduction to MPLS L2VPN
  • Concept of Implementing VLL(CCC, SVC, Martini, Kompella)
  • Dealing with Configuring S9300/5300/3300/2300 MPLS L2VPN

Basic Concept for ODE06 S9300/5300/3300/2300 Products QoS

  • Introduction to ODE202008 S9300/5300/3300/2300 QoS
  • Understanding the Rules for  classifying traffic
  • Basic Introduction to  traffic behavior and operation of port priority
  • Concept for Traffic policing and shaping
  • Introducing the scenario for Queue schedule and congestion avoidance

Introduction to Multicast Features and Troubleshooting for ODE08 S9300/5300/3300/2300 Product
Basic Overview of ODE202015 S9300/5300/3300/2300 IGMP and L2 Multicast Feature and Configuration

  • Basic Overview for IGMP Protocol
  • Basic Understanding onIGMP Snooping
  • Overview of  IMGP Proxy
  • Basic Understanding on  multicast VLAN
  • Concept of Configuring IGMP
  • Dealing with Layer2 multicast features

Introduction to Features and Configuration for ODE202016 S9300/5300/3300/2300 PIM-SM

  • Introduction to PIM
  • Dealing with protocol mechanism for PIM-SM
  • Understanding the Application of PIM-SM

Basic Understanding of configuring S9300/5300/3300/2300 PIM-SIM
Concept of ODE03 S9300/5300/3300/2300 Products Routine Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Understanding the concept of ODE202003 S9300/5300/3300/2300 Products Routine Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Dealing with Routine maintenance of S9300/5300/3300/2300

Concept of Replacement of S9300/5300/3300/2300 component


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