Full Stack Developer

Duration: 75 Hours

Price: ₹ 44999.00

Launch Offer: ₹ 39999.00



Get expertise on technologies that can be helpful specifically for front and back-end of Web development. This training primarily focuses on the most popular and leading MEAN frameworks (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js). Full Stack Developer training will help all the freshers individuals to understand and enhance their skills on upcoming frameworks making their career goals as an Full Stack developer. This course includes :

  • Javascript & Jquery
  • HTML + CSS
  • NodeJS
  • AngularJS
  • MongoDB
  • Project

Javascript & Jquery


  • Basic Overview of JavaScript
    • Understanding the Features of JavaScript
    • Javascripts in terms of Websites
  • Understanding the Creation of first JavaScript
  • Tools and Applications used for JavaScripts
  • Understanding the Core Concepts of JavaScript
  • Dealing with Basic Structure of JavaScript
  • Understanding the Concept of writing your JavaScript
  • Basic Overview of Variables
  • Understanding the Concept of Creating Variables
  • What are the Different Datatypes used in JavaScripts
  • Understanding the Concept of using Different DataTypes
    • Arrays
    • Numbers
    • Strings
    • Dates
    • Objects
  • Introduction to Operators in JavaScripts
  • Concept of Working with operators
  • How to Send Message to the console
  • What are conditional constructs
  • Understanding the Working of Conditional Constructs
  • What are Loop Constructs
  • How to work with loop constructs
  • Introduction to Functions in JavaScripts
  • How to Create Functions in JavaScripts
  • Basic Introduction to Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Basic Overview of nodes and elements in JavaScripts
    • Understanding the Concept of Accessing DOM Elements
    • How to Change DOM Elements
    • Concept of Creating DOM Elements
  • Working With Events and Event Listener
  • Basic Overview of JavaScript Event Handling
  • Basic Understanding on Working with onClick and onLoad events
  • Dealing with Working on onBlur and onFocus events
  • Working with timers
  • Concept of Debugging Javascript
  • Dealing with Common JavaScript errors
  • Using Tools for debugging JavaScript
  • Understanding debugging sessions
  • Working with HTML Forms
  • Understanding the Process of Accessing form elements
  • Using Common form element validation techniques
  • Dealing with Common form element actions
  • Working with CSS
  • Performing the Integration of CSS and JavaScript
  • How to Remove and apply CSS classes
  • Working with Changing inline styles
  • Understanding Best Practices for JavaScripts
  • Understanding JavaScript style
  • Code Minification Techniques
  • How to deal with JavaScript code checker
  • Using JavaScript Library
  • Introduction to JavaScript Library
  • Linking to multiple JavaScript Files
  • Using content distribution network to deliver JavaScript files

JavaScript and HTML5

  1. Introduction to JavaScript in HTML5
  2. Dealing with Modernizr
  3. Concept of Using strict Mode in JavaScript
  4. Understanding Advanced JavaScript Features
  5. Understanding the Concept for Regular Expressions
  6. What is AJAX
  7. How to Work with Ajax
  8. Basic Overview of JQuery and JSON
  9. Dealing with Object and prototypes


  • Basic Overview of jQuery
  • Concept of Downloading and use jQuery
  • Difference between Hosting jQuery and jQuery CDN
  • Basic Common Syntax Overview
  • Basic Overview on jQuery chaining
  • How to Write your first jQuery script(s)
  • Working with Targeting html object using Tag, ID and class
  • Understanding the Concept behind ‘this’ keyword
  • What are jQuery and its related data attributes
  • Understanding Utility Methods for jQuery
  • Introduction to Advanced DOM Traversal
  • Concept of Creation and appending elements with jQuery
  • Using Combination of jQuery and CSS
  • Dealing with JavaScript setTimeout and setInterval
  • Basic Understanding on CSS Animations
  • Concept on Setting CSS Properties
  • How to Add CSS classes
  • Visible state with jQuery and CSS
  • Working with various Animation Effects
  • Working with Events
  • jQuery Event Object
  • Understanding the Concept of Binding events
  • Dealing with various Effect functions (eg: animate, click, hover, toggle)
  • How to Create a simple image slideshow
  • How to Enhance Web Forms
  • What are Forms in jQuery
  • How to use jQuery UI and Forms
  • Concept of Basic Form Enhancements
  • Working with Validation in Forms
  • Basic Overview of Ajax
  • Understanding the Concept of Querying the Ajax
  • Concept of Converting data in JSON format
  • Basic Difference between post and get
  • How to Add Google Maps to Site Using jQuery Ajax
  • Dealing with Using jQuery UI Plugins
  • Plugin Installation
  • Concept of Using of Date Picker
  • Concept of Using Color Picker



  • Basic Overview of HTML
    • Understanding the features of HTML
  • Concept of Using HTML in Local Site
  • Introduction to Headings in HTML
  • What are Comments in HTML
  • Understanding the Concepts of Paragraphs in HTML
  • Dealing with the Concept of Line Breaks & Rules
  • Understanding the Font tags in HTML
  • Basic Understanding on Font styles used in HTML
  • Introduction to Hyperlinks in HTML
  • General use of Image Tag and the Src Attribute
  • Using LIST Tags in HTML
  • Introduction to Tables in HTML
    • Working with Border in HTML Tables
    • How to Apply Headings in a Table
    • Concept of Empty Cells in a Table
    • How to declare width & height
    • Concept of Cellspacing and Cellpadding
    • Dealing with Bgcolor
    • Understanding Tables Colspan
    • Dealing with Nesting of Tables
  • Introduction to Forms in HTML
    • Working with Text Fields
    • Working with Radio Buttons
    • Working with Checkboxes
    • Dealing with Drop down menu
  • Creation of Complete webpage using HTML


  • Introduction to NodeJS
    • Features of NodeJS
    • Pros and Cons of NodeJS
    • Why we Use NodeJS
  • Installation of NodeJS
    • Installation with NVM on Linux
    • Installation in Windows Machine
  • Concept of Modules, Require and NPM
    • Basic Introduction
    • Accessing Built-in Modules
    • Working with require
    • Accessing the Application with require
    • Working with 3rd Party Modules
    • Publication of Own Modules
  • Working with Events and Stream
    • Introduction
    • Introducing the Process Object
    • File System Interaction
    • Basic concept of Buffers
    • Working with OS Modules
  • Accessing the Local System
    • Basic Introduction to Events and Streams
    • Using Events and EventEmitter Class
    • Working with Readable and Writeable Streams
    • Concept of Piping
  • Web Interaction
    • Creation of Web Request in Node Application
    • Web Server Building in Node
    • Introduction to Socket.io
    • Realtime Interaction with Socket.io
  • Testing and Debugging
    • Working with Assert Module
    • Testing concept with Mocha and should.js
    • Debugging Method with Cloud9IDE
  • Node Application Scaling Concepts
    • Introduction to Child Process Modules
    • Working with “exec” function
    • Working with “spawn” function
    • Working with “fork” function
    • Scaling with NodeJS’s Cluster Module
    • Creation of Clustered Web Server


  • Basic Understanding of the Core Functionalities of all Angular Versions
  • Introduction to Angular 6
  • Understanding the Features of Angular 6
  • Code using new ES6 and TypeScript language features
  • Introduction to ES6 Typescript
  • Understanding the Features of Typescript Language
  • Dealing with the Architecture of Angular 6 Application
  • Application Creation using Angular 6
  • How to Explore Angular Coding
  • Understand and use Angular Forms
  • Basic Understanding on Observables
  • Introduction to Dependency Injection
  • Working with Routing Concept
  • How to Retrieve, update, and delete data using Angular’s Http service
  • Introduction to Unit Testing in Angular 6 Application
  • Working with Modules
  • Using Components
  • Using Services and Pipes
  • Basic Understanding on Angular CLI
  • How to Create, build, and deploy an Angular 6 application using the Angular CLI
  • Understanding Development of reusable elements using angular elements
  • Understanding Development of dynamic model-driven forms that are easier to unit test


  • Understanding NoSQL Concept & Architecture Patterns and MongoDB.
  • Development using Mongo DB.
  • MongoDB Shell.
  • Document-oriented Data and Indexing.
  • Monitoring Management.
  • Querying Data & Optimization.
  • Aggregating Result.
  • Replication.
  • Update & Deletes.
  • Sharing.


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