AWS Developer

Duration: 54 Hours

Price: ₹ 29999.00

Launch Offer: ₹ 24999.00



AWS (Amazon Web Services) Developer Training provides complete information on Cloud Computing Platform and allows developers to acquire skills to work with Cloud Operations on large scale area. The training helps the freshers as well as the developers to grasp their skills on AWS platform like creating server, networking functionalities, Database operations and many more. This training will cover the essentials of AWS and and provides inputs to become an expert in the cloud platform. Following courses are included in the AWS Developer Training:

  • AWS Essentials
  • Developing on AWS
  • Big Data with AWS

AWS Essentials

  • Learn Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Define Your Cloud Strategy
  • Let’s have Introduction to the AWS Cloud
  • Study Security and Compliance
  • Learn Cloud Financials
  • Now Migrate to the Cloud: Move toNext steps
  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Understanding the basic features of AWS
    • Practical uses of AWS Application
  • AWS Foundational
    • Basic Understanding of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    • Basic Understanding of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    • Basic Understanding of Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3)
    • Basic Understanding of Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • AWS Security, Identity, and Access Management: IAM
    • Working with the User Management in AWS Application
  • AWS Databases
    • Introduction to Amazon RDS
    • Introduction to Amazon Dynamo DB
  • Dealing with various AWS Management Tools
    • Concept of Using Auto Scaling
    • Concept of Using Cloud-Watch
    • Using Elastic Load Balancing
    • Using Trusted Advisor

Developing on AWS

  • Introduction and working to Choose a Data Store
  • Development of Storage Solutions with Amazon S3 and Flexible NoSQL Solutions with Amazon DynamoDB
  • Learn All about Events
  • Developing Event-Driven Solutions with Amazon Kinesis Stream , Amazon SWF, Amazon SQS, and Amazon SNS , AWS Lambda
  • Learn use of Amazon CloudWatch to monitor your application and AWS Resources
  • Learn Development of Secure Applications
  • Use Caching Information for Scalability
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CloudFormation

Big Data with AWS

  • Introduction of Big Data , Ingestion, Transfer, and Compression
  • Introduction to Apache Hadoop and Amazon EMR
  • Talk about Storage Solutions
  • Go through Storing and Querying Data on DynamoDB
  • Learn Big Data Processing and Amazon Kinesis
  • Learn Use of Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  • LearnHadoop Programming Frameworks
  • Make Processing of Server Logs with Hive on Amazon EMR
  • Make Processing of Chemistry Data Using Hadoop Streaming on Amazon EMR
  • Study Amazon EMR with Hue
  • Learn running Pig Scripts in Hue on Amazon EMR
  • Deep study of Amazon EMR
  • Learn How to Create and Querying Tables with Spark and Spark SQL on Amazon EMR
  • Amazon EMR Costs and Amazon EMR Deployments
  • Data Warehouses and Columnar Datastores
  • Amazon Redshift and Big Data
  • Study Big Data Design Patterns ,Visualizing and Orchestrating Big Data
  • Learn Use ofTibcoSpotfire to Visualize Big Data


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