RiotJS Training


Duration: 2 Days

RiotJS deals with ease and appropriate component-based UI Library using virtual DOM just like ReactJS but in fast mode


RiotJS Online Training includes open source JavaScript Library for developing UI. It allows developer to build big application. The main focus is speed, simplicity and flexibility. It can be easily use with other Javascript Library. Giphy Search is the main concept which leads the RiotJS Application to be in more demanding form. Many of the Javascript developers creates the application with more advanced functionalities in the various components used in the complete Riot Applications. The training concentrates on Javascripts framework centered around custom and reusable HTML tags. RiotJS is generally used for the implementation of Pages across HTML Tags. Server implementation of Application can be easily implemented using Rendering Tags and Compliance. This training will bring the aspirants to understand the concepts on RiotJS Application. In addition to it, many examples are being introduced in the training for sharing the information about RiotJS and its usage.


  • Tags development with ES6, Typescript, CoffeeScript, Jade, LiveScrip.
  • Riot having fewer API methods than other UI libraries.


  • It’s not necessary to having big team for maintaining Riot.

Target Audience

  • Web Designers
  • React Developers


  • Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript.

Additional information

Course Content

1. Getting start with Riot.js

– Structures
– Syntax
– Processors

2. Understanding on API

– Conditionals
– Tags
– Events handling
– Loops
– Observables
– Yielding

3. Understanding on the server

– Rendering Tags
– Compliance

4. Develop Giphy search

– Search implementation
– APIs
– Output Result

5. Overview on Routings

– Filtering
– Basics

6. Post Creating

7. Blogroll implementation

8. Post Editing / Deleting


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