RactiveJS Training


Duration: 2 Days

Ractive.js can be used in the web development for building creative user interfaces for the innovative applications.


Ractive.js is a front-end UI library allowing to create multiple UI components which can be reuse in the application. Ractive.js is popular javascript which helps developers to build attractive user interfaces and its related components. With the use of Ractive.js DOM, you will get better app performance because Ractive.js DOM is faster than regular DOM. We can use Ractive.js on client side as well as server side and also use with multiple frameworks. In Ractive.js, use of JSX is not compulsory but it is strongly recommended. When you working on some project, you need to assume everything as a components. Definitely it helps in maintaining bulk of code.  On the completion of the training, the developers will get the knowledge on understanding Ractive.js.


  • Templating requires template-driven UI Library for inner HTML
  • Ractive supports two-way binding, animations, SVG support
  • Ractive.js tools force us to learn new vocabulary and structure the app in a particular way


  • Work reliably across browsers and perform well even on mobile devices
  • Free and open-source project released under MIT license
  • New way of creating web development

Additional information

Course Content

1. Introduction to Ractive.js Framework

– Basic Understanding of the Features of Ractive.js
– Pros and Cons for Ractive.js

2. Installation of Ractive.js Framework

3. Making one Simple Example of Ractive.js

4. Understanding Nested Properties in Ractive.js

5. Introduction to the concept of using Expressions in Ractive.js

– Working with Expression

6. Concept of using Events with Ractive.js

7. Working with Conditional Sections

8. Using Iterative Sections

9. Understanding the concept of Two-way Data Binding

10. Introduction to Partials concept in Ractive.js

11. Dealing with Components concept in detail

12. Working with Animations in Ractive.js

13. Working with SVG in Ractive.js

14. Using Transitions in Ractive.js

15. Working with Decorators in Ractive.js

16. Application Creation using Ractive.js


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