NodeJS Training


Duration: 2 Days

NodeJS is a powerful framework particularly based on JavaScript built by Google Chrome ‘s JavaScript v8 Engine.


NodeJS, one of the leading Javascript framework used by many developers across the world for creating the application based on any of the platforms like Mobile or web based. NodeJS Online Training includes the basic information about the NodeJS and also discusses about the features used for the development of NodeJS Application. Any of the developers can gain expertise in working with NodeJS and can also build and deploy NodeJS Application on any platform. The concept of Modules, require and Node Package Manager (npm) is properly introduced in the NodeJS online training. Events and Streams are the leading factors that makes the Application more responsive using the concepts of NodeJS more easily. Web Interaction with NodeJS can be a plus point for the NodeJS Developer to create applications that can be easily developed on any platform. On the completion of NodeJS online training, the developers gains expertise in creating NodeJS Application easily.


  • Large number of Applications are created including Video Streaming WebSites, SPA and many other Web Applications.
  • With the help of NodeJS, adding User Interface and User Interaction are  the leading factors of the Application.
  • Node Package Manager (NPM) is one of the foremost running package installer used primarily for the NodeJS related Application.

Advantages of NodeJS Training

  • Complete Asynchronous and Event-Driven Applications are created.
  • Application can run with more speed and ease.
  • Particularly intended for the Data Intensive RealTime (DIRT) Applicatio.


Additional information

Course Content

1. Introduction to NodeJS

– Features of NodeJS
– Pros and Cons of NodeJS
– Why we Use NodeJS

2. Installation of NodeJS

– Installation with NVM on Linux
– Installation in Windows Machine

3. Concept of Modules, Require and NPM

– Basic Introduction
– Accessing Built-in Modules
– Working with require()
– Accessing the Application with require()
– Working with 3rd Party Modules
– Publication of Own Modules

4. Working with Events and Stream

– Basic Introduction to Events and Streams
– Using Events and EventEmitter Class
– Working with Readable and Writeable Streams
– Concept of Piping

5. Accessing the Local System

– Introduction
– Introducing the Process Object
– File System Interaction
– Basic concept of Buffers
– Working with OS Modules

6. Web Interaction

– Creation of Web Request in Node Application
– Web Server Building in Node
– Introduction to
– Realtime Interaction with

7. Testing and Debugging

– Working with Assert Module
– Testing concept with Mocha and should.js
– Debugging Method with Cloud9IDE

8. Node Application Scaling Concepts

– Introduction to Child Process Modules
– Working with “exec” function
– Working with “spawn” function
– Working with “fork” function
– Scaling with NodeJS’s Cluster Module
– Creation of Clustered Web Server


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