JBoss Drools Training


Duration: 2 Days

The JBoss Drools Training Course is designed in the best way as to take care of the professionals. You will always learn to build lean applications with the help of test-driven development techniques

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JBoss Drools, one of the leading Business Rule Management used specifically for the developers to create various policies defined for the Application. JBoss Drools is also considered to be Production Rule System.  JBoss Drools Corporate Training includes the basic information about the installation for JBoss Drools and performing some configuration for the developers intending to work with JBoss Drools Application. The concept of creating and deploying flows generally makes the developer to deal with the Workflow Management for the complete Application. In addition to it, the JBoss Drools Corporate Training specifically includes the advanced concept on Rule Language developed by JBoss Drools to make the Application more specific and flexible. On the completion of JBoss Drools Online Training, the developers creates the Application focussing more on Workflow


  • In JBoss Drool training candidate will learn business rule management system. It contains an introduction into the world of rule engines, which increase the readability of certain applications and make them easier to manage and to maintain.
  • It applies to apps that take decisions, which depend on events or a state of some objects.
  • In this course you will learn how to build lean applications using Test-Driven Development Techniques in conjunction with JBoss Drools Rule Engine to streamline, simplify and minimize the maintenance burden of a growing application in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • By this training you will enjoy writing business rule by new methods in a very easy way.
  • This training will cover Business Rule Management, Introduction of Drools/JBoss Rules, Guvnor (BRMS/BPMS), Fusion (CEP), Flow   (Process/Workflow) and Drools Event Model.
  • After this training, you will able to design business process in a JBoss Drools.

Additional information

Day 1

1. Introduction to Business Rules Management.

2. Introducing Drools / JBoss Rules.

3. Drools Architecture & Modules.

4. Guvnor (BRMS/BPMS).

5. Expert (Rules).

6. Fusion (CEP).

7. Flow (Process/Workflow).

8. Installing & Configuring Drools.

9. Drools Eclipse Plugin setup.

10. Working with Basic Rules.

Day 2

1. Data Transformation Rule.

2. Drools Rule Language.

3. Decision Tables.

4. Complex Event Processing.

5. Stateless & Stateful Sessions.

6. Drools Event Model.

7. Validation & Testing.

8. Drools and Activiti integration.


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