Google Analytics


Complete Overview with hands-on use of Google Analytics tool, its practical implementation & best insights of reporting & taking actionable steps.Training will also cover the guidelines for Google Analytics Certification & hands-on practice with Google’s website & on a micro site & any other client website.

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Course Content

1. Need, use & benefits of Web Analytics

2. Key Basic Concepts & Terms

3. Account setup

4. Account Structure

5. Analytics Code Implementation

a. Understanding its process & getting the code

b. Cross check implementation by developer

c. Try hands-on implementation on micro-site

6. Analytics User Management

7. Goal Setup

8. Taking look through the Dashboard & getting overview of results from it

9. Learning reporting

a. Understanding available options

b. Creating saved reports

c. Automation options

d. Best practices

10.Using Audience Section:

a. Understanding you end user closely

b. Elements which define their engagement

c. Knowing user likes & dislikes

d. Key metrics to improve upon

11.Using Acquisition Section

a. Understand where your users come from

b. Leverage your spend & know what’s working better

c. Link different channels for getting required insights

d. Know which channel of acquisition engages the user more

e. Strategy for Advertising

12.Getting closer to user behaviour

a. Evaluate your user flow & behaviour on your website

b. Get site speed insights & how to improve it

c. Know what your user is looking for

d. Test & experiment for optimization

e. kNow insights of your revenue generation through your content

13.Understand users who convert

a. Know the conversion cycle

b. Visualize where users leave & what is their metrics

c. Dig deeper with knowing all channels used & their multiplicity Re-connect better with engagement metrics tracked for better results.

14.Using Real Time reporting

a. Knowing performance at the moment

b. Taking advantage when running live campaigns

c. Tracking Effectively

15.Know about customised reports

a. Create something new yourself

b. Take experts help with their reports

16.Iteration & Analysis,Future Scope & Conclusion


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