Google Adwords


Complete Overview with hands-on use of Google Ads interface, its practical implementation & best insights of budgeting,reporting & taking actionable steps.

Additional information

Introduction to Pay Per Click

Psychology of Search

Account Hierarchy

Search Ads and Keyword Targeting

Increasing Reach With Display Network

Reaching Target Audiences

The Buying Funnel

The Paid Search Auction

Setting and Measuring Marketing Goals

How PPC Fits into the Digital Strategy

Introduction to AdWords

Understanding New Interface

Account Structure

Keywords & Match Types

Creating Text & Search Ads

Ad Extensions

Campaign Types & Settings

Advertising Metrics

Key Concept implementation

Bidding & Bid Modifiers

Quality Score

AdWords Reports

AdWords Tools

Display / Banner Marketing

What is Display Advertising in Google Ads?

How are Banners bought & sold?

Banner formats & their usage

Creating & implementing display campaigns

Advance Methods for Media Planning & Tracking

Video Ads

Getting Started on YouTube Ads

Gaining Exposure and Measuring Impact

Leveraging Mobile Video Ads

Google Ads for App

What is UAC

Planning CPI campaigns

Successfully implementing App Campaigns


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