Financial Modeling with Excel


This course enables learners to harness the capability of MS Excel for Financial Modeling. You will create integrated models to capture past and future financial for a company or project, use Ratio Analysis and Common Size statements for analyzing performance and understand the flow of numbers in a model – Formula Auditing. You will learn different Analysis tools and models and represent performance metrics using Charts and Dashboards

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Day 1

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2 & 3: Modeling Past Financials
Session 4: Analyzing Financial Performance

Day 2

Session 1 & 2: Modeling Projected Financials
Session 3: Valuation / Bank Finance Assessment / Corporate Finance Decisions
Session 4: Formula Auditing; Formatting

Day 3

Session 1 & 2: Statistical Analysis and Forecasting
Session 3 & 4: Forecasting Under Different Levels of Complexity

Day 4

Session 1: Modeling with Form Controls
Session 2 & 3: Dashboarding
Session 4: Putting It All Together


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