ExpressJS Training


Duration: 2 Days


ExpressJS Training specifically deals with the basic understanding of the Javascript based framework. Many of the leading organization are using ExpressJS for creation of their Web Application in real time. ExpressJS Training generally includes the basic information about the Express and the detailed features are included showing the complete scenario of ExpressJS framework. On the completion of the ExpressJS Training, the aspirants will grab the complete detailed practical implementation of building and deploying Application based on ExpressJS.

  • Basic Understanding of ExpressJS
  • Performing Practical implementation of functionalities
  • Building and Deploying ExpressJS based Application

Additional information

Course Content

-Basic Overview of Express
-Understanding the features of Express
-Dealing with pros and cons for Express
-Downloading and Installation of ExpressJS
-Setting up ExpressJS
-Introduction to Server Setup of ExpressJS
-Understanding the Concept of Order and Middleware in Express
-Advanced functionalities of Middleware in ExpressJS
-Introduction to Templates in ExpressJS
-Working with Templates in Express
-Basic Overview of Routing in Express
-Routing Functionalities using ExpressJS Framework
-Application Development using ExpressJS


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