Dynamics 365 Functional


Duration: 8 Days


Dynamics 365 (AX7) Functional course offers to learn various 365 Operations features and functionalities. It covers Sales, Marketing and Services functions. These courses explain form patterns and advanced features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations.

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Part 1– Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365

1.Dynamics 365 CRM Overview
2.Navigating Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing
3.Introduction of Sales, Service, Marketing Life Cycle.
4.Sales Management
5.Customer Service
Part 2 – Sales Management

Managing Accounts and Contacts
1.Work with Accounts
2.Managing Accounts and Contacts
3.Create or edit an account
4.Work with Contacts
5.Create or edit a contact
6. Associate an opportunity with an account or contact
7. Deactivate or activate an account or contact

Managing Leads
1. Work with Leads
2. Create or edit a lead
3. Qualify and convert a lead to an account, contact, and/or opportunity
4.Qualify or convert multiple records at once
5.Disqualify and close a lead
6.Reactivate a closed lead
7.Convert Lead Dialog Box

Managing Opportunities
1.Work with Opportunities
2.Create or edit an opportunity
3.Add or remove a product
4.Associate an account or contact with an opportunity
5.Add or remove competitors
6.Recalculate the estimated revenue
7.Close an opportunity
8. Reopen an opportunity

Work with Competitor Records
1.Create or edit a competitor
2.Add or remove products for a competitor
3.Add or remove opportunities for a competitor
4.Add or remove sales literature for a competitor
5.Add or edit sales literature
6.Add or remove products
7.Add or remove competitors
8.Add or remove documents

Part 2 – Sales Management

Work with Goals
1.Work with Goals
2.Create or edit a goal
3.Deactivate a goal
4.Specify targets for a goal
5.Roll up data for goals
6.Add a child goal to a goal
7.Work with Goal Metrics
8.Work with Rollup Queries
9.Completing Sales Transactions

Work with Quotes
1.Create or edit a quote
2.Add or remove a contact
3.Activate a quote
4.Edit an active quote
5.Create an order from a quote
6.Close an active quote

Work with Orders
1.Create or edit an order
2.Resolve potential duplicate records.
3.Add or remove a contact
4.Lock or unlock the price for an order or invoice
5.Create an invoice from an order
6.Close an order
7.Order Product Form
8.Add a product to a queue or order
9.Cancel Order Form

Work with Invoices
1.Create or edit an invoice
2.Add or remove a contact
3.Lock or unlock the price for an order or invoice
4.Close an invoice as paid or canceled
5.Add a product to an invoice
Part 3– Services

Scheduling Services for Customers
1.Navigating the Service Calendar
2.Service Calendar
3.View the Service Calendar
4.Schedule a service activity
5.Create a service activity without checking for conflicts
6.Find and view the work schedule for an individual resource
7.Reschedule a service activity
8.Schedule Service Activity
9.Work with Service Activities

Part 3– Services

Work with Contracts
1. Creating Contracts
2. Create or edit a contract 3. Add or edit a contract line
3. Invoice and activate a contract
4. Cancel or delete a contract
5. Renew a contract

Work with Cases
1. Create Case.
2. Create Case from Activity
3. Merge Cases

Work with Articles
1.Create and Publish Articles
2.View unpublished articles
3.Edit an article
4.Submit an article for approval
5.Approve and publish, or reject an article
Part 4– Marketing

Work with Campaigns and Campaign Templates
1.Create or edit a campaign
2.Create or edit a campaign template
3.Add a marketing list, sales literature, or product to a campaign
4.Add a campaign activity to a campaign or campaign template

Part 4– Marketing

Understanding Quick Campaigns
1.Work with Quick Campaigns
2.Understanding Campaign Responses
3.Work with Campaign Responses
4.Create or edit a campaign response
5.Reactivate a campaign response
6.Copy a campaign response
7.Convert campaign responses to leads or opportunities
8.Close a campaign response

Creating and Managing Marketing Lists
1. Work with Marketing Lists
2.Create or edit a marketing list
3. Activate a marketing list
4. Add members to a marketing list
5. Add or edit members of a static marketing list
6. Add or edit members of a dynamic marketing list
7. Add members from one marketing list to another marketing list
8. Merge marketing lists
9. Add members to a marketing list
10. Evaluate and remove members in a marketing list


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