DApp (Decentralized Application) Training


Duration: 2 Day

Decentralized Application (DApp) deals with centralized Peer-to-Peer Networks where the backend generally runs on centralized Servers


Decentralized Application (DApp) Online Training focuses on the Ecosystem where centralized Data Application with Go Programming Language comes into action. Many of Blockchain Application are built up using DApp Centralized Terminologies. DApp Online Training includes all the informative techniques for building Blockchain Application. The main advantage of using DApp is that the developers can easily create Mobile as well as Web based application thereby gain popularization in Blockchain Technology. The primary intense of using DApp is  that it is completely open source and is operating autonomously without any entity in the charge of its majority. In addition to it, DApp Training includes the Deployment and Development terminology for the Blockchain Applications leading to the Secure and Highly reliable feature. DApp Training is one Day training covering all the information about the DApp and its related components.


  • Understanding the basic overview of Decentralized Application
  • Understanding the development and Deployment of Blockchain Application
  • Understanding the various forms of DApp and its functionalities


  • DApp helps the developers to create Application in more easy manner
  • Expertise on different DApps arising in the market
  • Expertise on the Development and Deployment of Blockchain Application


Additional information

Course Content

1. Basic Overview of Decentralized Applications (DApps)

– Core Preliminaries: Bitcoin
– Features of DApp
– History of DApp

2. Understanding Core DApp Ecosystem

– Overview of Decentralized Data
– Understanding Decentralized Wealth
– Understanding Decentralized Identity
– Understanding Decentralized Computing
– Understanding Decentralized Bandwidth

3. Working with First DApp

– Go Language
– Centralized Architecture
– Decentralized Architecture

4. Building Concept of Go

– Basic Setup
– Understanding Routing
– Using Data Storage and Retrieval
– Passing and Displaying Data to FrontEnd

5. Understanding OpenBazaar

– Basic Overview of OpenBazaar
– Basics of OpenBazaar
– Working of OpenBazaar
– Using Merchant
– Understanding Buyer
– Understanding Notary

6. Installation of OpenBazaar

7. Overview of Lighthouse

– Basic Functionalities of Lighthouse
– Understanding SPV Wallets
– Understanding Identities

8. Overview of La’Zooz

– Understanding Distribution protocol
– Using DAO Structure
– UX Concept in detail
– Architecture of La’Zooz
– Data Storage and Retrieval
– Coins
– Understanding Contracts
– Using Improvements


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