Angular 5 Training


Duration: 3 Days

Angular 5 Training primarily deals with the basic understanding of all the functionalities of Angular 5 Framework for the Application.


Angular 5 Training primarily intends to help the developers to work with the latest version of Angular. Angular 5 helps the developers to deal with the concept to understand the Rewrite terminology and also the various optimized builds created for the faster compile times. Angular 5 Training includes the basic information about the installation of the Angular 5 and also the features are explained in detail. In addition to it, complete understanding on Data Bindings, Directives, Routing and Dependency Injections are included in the Angular 5 Training.

  • Working with the latest version of Angular 5
  • Basic Understanding of Directives, Routing and Dependency Injection
  • Creation of Angular 5 Application from Scratch

Additional information

Course Content

-Basic Overview of Angular 5
-Introduction to Angular 5
-Understanding the Features of Angular 5
-Working with Data Types and Variables
-Introduction to the Concept of Destructuring & Spread
-How to Work with Classes in Angular
-How to Work with Interfaces
-Introduction to Generics
-Working with Modules and Namespaces
-Dealing with Ambients

-Some More Concept on Angular 5
-Introduction to Directives in Angular 5
-Working with Data binding
-Using Components in Angular 5 Application
-Working with Modules
-How to Deal with Forms in Angular 5
-Working with Pipes
-Understanding the Concept of Services & Dependency injection
-Introduction to Routing
-Performing Crud Operations Using Http Service
-Understanding Implementation of Single page application(SPA)

-Creation of Real-time Project implementations from Scratch


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