Camunda Training

Camunda is one of the Leading Open Source Business Process Management (BPM) generally used for the complete management of the business-oriented Application in real world

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Day 1

1. Understanding BPM & Process Automation
2. Overview of Camunda
3. Installation and Configuration
4. Basic Understanding on Process Applications
5. Camunda Deployment
6. Camunda Modeler
7. Script Task
8. User Task

Day 2

1. Basic BPM Notations
2. Dealing with some Study Operations
3. Understanding how to use service task and various way to call services from BPMNLike Expression, Delegate Expression
4. Process Data (Variables, XML, JSON) and Expression Language (JUEL, XPath)
5. Pattern & Best Practices

Day 3

1.Working with Advance Notation Like Call Activiti
2.Working with Embedded, Event based Sub process and process 3.Automation
4.Multi Instances
5.Error Handling with Error events
6.Working with Decision Management(Business rules)
7.Process Versioning

Day 4

2.Toolchains and Methodology
3.Understanding Database Structure and Muliitenancy
4.DMN & CMNN Introduction
5.Examples Using DMN and CMNN

Day 5

1.Java API & Rest API
2.Process Engine Configuration
3.Unit Testing with Junit
4.Usertask and Form with External JSP forms


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