Moodle Developer


Moodle started a new revolution as it is the finest PHP open-source course management system (CMS). Plug-in development in Moodle in recent situation is the most preferred LMS (Learning Management System).

Attune is the full-fledged company of theme development in Moodle along with very professional Moodle designer’s and developer’s team with their specialty in course development in Moodle. We have all things for adequating customized e-learning solutions for contributing to the industry of education. So, hire Moodle developer from us to get resourceful module development in Moodle.

Services of Theme Development in Moodle
  • Theme Development in Moodle
  • Template Design in Moodle
  • Template Development in Moodle
  • Block Development in Moodle
  • Knowing Management System
  • Knowing Management System
  • Website Development in Moodle
  • Module Development in Moodle
  • Consulting Services in Moodle
  • Custom Development in Moodle
  • Application Development in Moodle
  • Round the clock Constant Communication
  • Top class Moodle Support
  • Quicker Service Assurance
  • Work 216 hours per month
  • Regular display of work
  • Infrastructure based on Cisco
  • Unbeaten Project Ratio above 85%
  • Over 80% staff maintenance
  • Attention on customer satisfaction
  • Copyright and IP projection
  • Supervise project carried out by client’s allotted Moodle programmer.
  • Project schedule and the result which client expect from the Moodle coder
  • Take notes of the development procedure for verification of the project remaining on correct way
  • Interact with the employed Moodle developers frankly.
  • Our management offers direction to client’s Moodle developers
  • Client’s offshore devoted Moodle developers surely will offer services similar as in-house developer.

Hire Moodle developer from Attune as it helps you acquire:

  • A positive and hi-tech environment for deployment and development processes.
  • Guarantees for on-time procurement of projects.
  • Regular progress reports of projects.
  • Complete Moodle support and online for queries and any other requirements.

We Care for Our Clients

It is true and Attune means it. We care for our every customer in the wholesome, completely in a kind of way which is beneficial to a strong as well as professional relationship.. It is simple to sit and state that ‘we care for our customers’, but truthfully we do. At Attune, we, at all times over-deliver, go extra mile, take action at every hour of day & night & pick-up the call no matter who’s at the another end!