Microsoft Dynamics CRM points to Hassle-free Customer Relationship Management and Streamlined Organizational Functions.

Enterprise Grade

CRM Software

Multi-faceted Platform


Automated Marketing Interaction

Automation of business processes for cross interaction including marketing, customer service and salesforce automation in Dynamics CRM

Unified Customer Information

With Dynamics CRM, the unification of data and information enables every process in the business to remain unified and without conflicts.

Cloud-based, Real-time Update

In-cloud or on-premises, real-time updates provide the cross-channel, unified information for synchronised functions in Dynamics CRM

Intelligent Customer Engagement Solutions

Customer behaviour insights and client engagement recommendations as per the customer behavioural trends and patterns.

Centralized Inhouse Platform

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is centralised platform provide important information, data & insights for customers and their engagement to all departments which require it, in a unified manner.

Ingenious Business Insight

Customer behaviour predictions and personalize customer experience based on reliable analysis on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Object-oriented CRM

Certified Microsoft Partner

End-to-end CRM Capabilities



Attune and Microsoft collaborative CRM solutions can surely help to enhance customer experience, improve the revenues and reduce the operational costs. With several years of experience in the industry, we have helped our clients with the right business strategies.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems provides easy information tracking and sharing to ensure that each interaction with a customer is meaningful, productive, and pleasant. Why do companies choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM  (MSD CRM) for their business out of multiple CRM’s ? Microsoft Dynamics CRM is unique in the CRM marketplace and is leading the way […]

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