Laravel corresponds to Model View Control Framework equipped with bundles, migrations and Artisan CLI for creating PHP Applications on large platform

Complete Open-Source

Query Builder and ORM

Template Engine

Authentication Capabilities

Eloquent ORM

Laravel features the Integration of Database Queries with PHP syntax using the PHP ActiveRecord Implementation

MVC Architecture Support

Laravel with the help of MVC pattern for the assurance of the clarity between logic and presentation


In-built with framework using Salted, Hashed Password for providing the security in the Laravel Application

Integration with Mail Services

Mail notifications can be well defined using the Laravel Framework for providing the details to the users in PHP Applications.

Fixing the vulnerabilities

Small and Large vulnerabilities are resolved using the techniques for invoking the Laravel Functionality in PHP Application

Automation Testing Work

With Laravel Framework, Continuous Deployment and Testing of the PHP Application are performed at regular interval.


MVC Framework

Tools Integration

Message Queue System



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