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Digital media is rapidly integrating with physical world via Internet of things, that is disrupting & mushrooming the approach of Phygitalization. This transform the physical world , to digital world.


Advanced data analytics, digital media is now targeting the mass buy interrupting into their Internet activities and advising to promote their brand along with core advertising.

Engagement and Crowdsourcing

A wide variety of content is making it more interactive and enticing to drive customer engagement. Also, the new broadcasting platforms like social media and mobile platforms are benevolent for crowd sourcing.

Data Analytics in Real Time

Number of varieties of content and experiential services for content to be used in real time bringing-in great customer engagement.

Data Security, Flexibility, Precise Creation

Transparency to consumers assures more security,along with virtually creating precise content eliminating the overlay or duplicacy.

Content Fragmentation with Industrialisation

Content fragmentation over all the media channels or platforms, also, the integration of those diversified media platforms are boosting industrialization along with content workflow and automation.


The Vast Platform, Multiple Media Channels ,Magnifying with Digitalization and Internet Connectivity, Reaching Millions of Audience.

Media industry is consisting of burgeoning data and the distribution over and across numerous channels, & variety of audience along with advanced quality production and marketing management. It required swanky Data-analytics and research based distribution system.

Attune world wide provides the tools and technologies which makes the production, operations & distribution management well executed and opulent. Dynamic and more reliable analytics and insights, moreover exclusive to omni-channels and the target audience.

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The gigantic size of data, numerous platform, and ever growing media service providers, large audience & market size, etc. are making this industry crave for support from IT and development.

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Internal News Publishing Portal, Content management & Integration

ipNX Intranet

Intranet Application, HRMS, Document Management System