Magento is an open source, cloud friendly, e-commerce platform and Omni-channel solution to Intensify the Merchant side benefits of integrating digital and physical shopping.

Development Services & E-Commerce Design

Wireframe Design & Store Usability

Themes Integration, SEO & Plugin Modules

CMS Assimilation & Magento Widgets


Third-Party Extension Integration

Planned attack sensibility capabilities and supportive platform for third party integration with Magento Framework

Payment Entryway Integration

Magento Framework easily Enables multiple payment integration and customizing tools.

Magento POS and ERP Integration

Omnichannel strategy implementation to rev up the sales & slash the cost for Magento Framework

Digital Commerce

Enterprise Cloud Edition, Enterprise Edition, Community Edition to suit diversified requirements for Magento Framework.

Order Management

Commerce Order Management to smoothly manage and execute the entire process from order taking to completion and record management in Magento Framework.

Industry Solutions

B2B Solutions for all type of business with varied size and target audience in Magento Framework


User-friendly Design & Development

Industry Specific

Compatible to Diversified Editions and Features



Attune is blessed with a devoted and skilled team of Developers that are Magento Certified (Magento Certified Developer & Magento Certified Developer Plus) qualified in services associated with Magento Development and solutions of Enterprise e-commerce.

Attune World Wide offering the best Magento Ecommerce services

With the help of one of the relatively new open source technologies – Magento, customized eCommerce stores can be easily developed. eCommerce industry is growing at a fast pace and Magento an open source CMS, with time, is turning out to be one of the most popular and widely used eCommerce website development platforms. Since […]

Magento Configuration On Server and Deployment On New Domain

Here we will understand how to do Magento installation of on server. Also, Magento deployment on new domain. For understanding system requirements refer: 1. Server Configuration Before Stating Magneto Installation on Production server please insure that Your server meets the requirements for Magento PHP 5.2.0 (or greater) Safe Mode is off MySQL 4.1.20 (or […]