The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Stands in the mainstream of service providers for globally connected database system, IoT platform provider, network infrastructure, automated and customized application services & all other cloud computing services.

Enterprise Cloud

Hybrid Architecture

Private Environment


Amazon Web Services (AWS) endeavours clusters of robust, limber, and cost efficient services along with secure and expert solution provider system.


Cloud compliance & monitored by audit standards with the help of AWS Application


Highly secured with no upfront costs in AWS Application

Highly Connected

Stay connected in- cloud on any device, anywhere for AWS Application

The Core Cloud Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services, Platform Services, Networking Services, Storage Services and Content Delivery Services using AWS Services.

Rich Platform Services Based On Cloud Services

Analytics, Mobile Services, Enterprise Application, Internet of Things on AWS Application.

Development Productivity Enhancement and Operational Efficiency Services

Development Productivity Enhancement and Operational Efficiency Services


Industry Specific Strategy

Facilitating Everything on Cloud

Out-turn of the money paid for cloud services



Attune World Wide provide an entire suit of AWS services and application since launching AWS platform to implementing the most complicated applications. The experts of cloud computing and networking, dedicatedly indulge into unleashing the benefits of Amazon Web Services to cater the customers in most efficient way.

Amazon S3 example

This blog is useful for the beginners of AWS Development.In this blog it is shown that How to create Amazon S3 bucket programmatically using JAVA. This program will automatically execute following things. Create Bucket List Bucket Upload an Object Download an Object List Object Delete Object Delete Bucket Prerequisites: Eclipse with AWS plug-in and configured […]

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Amazon S3 stands for, Amazon Simple Storage Service. It is Storage for the Internet. It has a simple web services interface so that you can use to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It provides developers access to the same highly scalable,reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage […]