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Japanese Electronics Manufacturing Company

Alfresco code and workflow integration, customization, and cloud solutions implementation.

  • Client Name : Japanese Electronics manufacturing company
  • Technologies : Liferay Community Edition 5.x, Tomcat, Mysql 5, Eclipse IDE, JQuery and CSS.
  • Problems : Today, businesses and manufacturers across the globe are adopting cloud technology to manage their enterprise-level applications. The client already has robust DMS and MFPs, but the performance issues in DMS for printers and scanners as well as in MFPs have become a bottleneck for the business. In addition, need for searching image content, OCR integration and fixing bugs in existing Alfresco source code aided more challenges for the business to run smoothly. As more ‘n’ more businesses and competitors are moving the cloud, there was a need to make the application compatible with the cloud computing technology and deploy on-premise version on cloud.
  • Solutions : Attune Infocom understood and conceptualized the whole business case and come with a customized Alfresco solution tailored to fulfill all the performance and OCR related issues. A development team at Attune has developed such a robust and customized Alfresco solution that has helped client to overcome performance issues within the production environment without disturbing the functioning of the existing systems or applications. The implementation is based on Alfresco Community 4.2.e, Tesseract OCR, Solr Search Engine and AWS EC2, RDS and Auto Scaling. On using these technologies and platforms, we’ve implemented and worked on system programming in order to help client overcome the issue of image content searching and OCR integration. Now with the help of system programming it has become easy for the users to control the OCR process. Also, there is an integration of customer workflows with the Alfresco solution to make the application cloud-enabled. In order to help client leverage from the existing solution, Attune Infocom has also fixed bugs in the open source code in order to facilitate user with the high level of accurate results.
  • Project Outcome : The key hart was the enhancement in the performance for product environment with the help of customized and bug-free Alfresco code and workflow integration. Following the standard development practices the cloud-based solution was successfully launched for the business requirement of the client. Growing the cloud usage allows the client and partners to use the platform for their electric manufacturing process and leverage from the highly performance-driven solutions on the go.