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Liferay Online Training Program Conducted, for USA Based Company

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This year, in the month of January, AttuneWW launched a business-level of online training program for technological aspirants willing to explore career in intensely competitive IT industry. The training session started from 26th of January and windup on 30th of January i.e. up to a period of 5 days under a leading technological and computer software expert named as Reeshu Patel. He is also serving as Liferay as well as Cloud Consultant at Attune Worldwide Company. Prior to joining the Attune Company, he delivered his valuable services in Omni Globe International Ltd.

Recently, Mr. Patel trained 1 participant during the Liferay Online Training program to make him competent to accomplish varying ongoing technological and online projects of Sufie Seifoddini Company, which is located in the city of California of United States. One of the key advantages associated with the Liferay program is that it has huge level of compatibility with both database and IT infrastructure solutions.

Furthermore, it allows for modified type of training to fulfill specific demands. Lastly, it is the Liferay online classroom training, which helped individuals a lot in ultimate enterprise building and offering efficient level of web content managing solutions for varying top rated as well as open source web platforms.

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  1. I was going to write a similar blog connercing this topic, you beat me to it. You did a nice job! Thanks and well add your RSS to come categories on our blogs. Thanks so much, Jon B.

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