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Launch of Corporate Training Program, for “Auto Deployment and Testing”

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Attune World Wide during the last month conducted corporate level of training for 5 days. This session started from 27th of January and commenced on 31st of January under the supervision of two different experienced and qualified trainers named as Firoz Sabaliya and Rahul Satvara.

Firoz Sabaliya is the Senior Consultant of Attune Company and possesses detailed and strong knowledge of competitive Magento and Drupal framework. Furthermore, Mr. Sabaliya has expertise in various types of open source development and special knowledge in different activities, which include Rackspace, Cloud computing, HTML5, Moodle, Joomla, JavaScript and many more.

Last month, Firoz and Rahul provided corporate training program referred as Auto Deployment and Testing to 14 different participants. The session was conducted for trainees to meet business-level requirements of Learning Mate Solutions Private Limited of Mumbai.

The session had begun with different activities concerning to understanding the complete development environment properly and at the same time setting up of right software solution for training under the guidance of trainer.

It is followed by setting of scripts related to Phing or Ant for varying PHP projects with Phar and Composer with the prime objective to perform dependency management via SVN source control. The entire program ends with the creation of right RPM package, along with update of database and respective code.

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