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Online Tailoring Store

  • Client Name : Tailorking
  • Technologies : TYPO3, PHP – MySQL, LAMP, JQuery, CSS
  • Problems : The Tailorking store wanted to improve existing selection process and also wanted to reduce the information panel to taken from customer and to give to a tailor for stitching process. Tailorking then wanted a special functionality to include for partner access. There is a UPC auto measure tool available and wanted to integrate on current store for user benefit.
  • Solutions : Team Attune was a startup in Typo3 technology in the year 2009 and Tailorking improvement over UI and code for achieving overall objective were very well executed with client satisfaction. Team Attune has completed work for selection process improvement and integration has been successfully done for UPClaud application with Tailorking TYPO3 web store as well implemented complete partner access as required with incentive and commission calculation for each partner working for Tailorking web store.
  • Project Outcome : TYPO3 existing code customization to improve the selection functionality for Shirt Stich process And Reduce and modify the order information for easy stitch process.