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Liferay DXP: Flexibility, modularity keeps this all-rounder going

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Liferay DXP continues to remain one of the most popular corporate portal solutions that can be used to compile content and information, share resources and collaboration. The biggest attraction of Liferay is its modular architecture, which allows businesses to build powerful, adaptable, lightweight and innovative systems in the corporate environment. This web application framework has everything it takes to make a good website.

Portlets and modularity

Originally created in 2000, Liferay is written in Java and offers extensive support for extensions and plug-ins for many programming languages. It is a programming interface for Java programmers, but allows installation of a website with ease. One of its biggest strengths is the simplicity of personalisation it offers to the end user. It consists of about a hundred portlets including a full range of collaborative and social tools for blogs, forums, tasks centre, notifications etc., and intuitive management of the participating communities.

Liferay DXP’s new modular architecture empowers businesses to build powerful, adaptable, lightweight and innovative systems for the digital world. This functionality has been distributed into hundreds of modules, allowing you to use only what you need for your project. It is built using a framework that allows for modular deployment of applications, portlets and libraries. This modular architecture gives businesses high level of flexibility and extensibility.

Salient features

– Single point of access for businesses

Liferay helps companies build comprehensive, fast, and reliable digital experiences for their clients. Businesses can quickly build websites and mobile apps by leveraging its readymade out-of-the-box features. It also allows users to move different entities of their portal by simple drag and drop option.

– Customization simplified for developer

Liferay portal is designed to cover most of the web application needs with customization options available to suit specific business requirements. Developers can simply download it and get started instantly. It offers over 80 readymade portlet applications which can be used to create dynamic websites. With plugin mechanism, developers can customize and add new features to their portals according to the business needs.

– Personalization for end-user

End-users can personalize their website pages with the administrator’s permission. He can add and remove content of his website. The user can keep his website private or make it public as well.

– Security

Liferay’s strong point is the security it offers, making it a preferred choice for not just small and medium-sized enterprises but also global financial and insurance companies and government agencies. It uses industry standard, government-grade encryption technologies.

– Large support system

Liferay provides support for different platforms such as web content, documents, blogs, image files, calendar, forum, bookmarks, wiki pages etc. Liferay end-users are grouped into several communities, so that they can enjoy effortless and flexibility administration.

– Cost of ownership

Liferay does not bind businesses to a particular technology stack. It comes with 60-plus tools, over 20 themes, and several more developer tools at no additional costs.

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