Apache Hadoop Training


Duration: 4 Days

Apache Hadoop is the product which is used for building open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing.

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Apache Hadoop, one of the leading and most commonly used list of open-source software utilities making the use of the networks of many systems for solving large amount of problems arising in the Application. Apache Hadoop Corporate Training primarily deals with basic introduction about the Apache Hadoop and the installation for the Apache Hadoop is included in the training which makes the developers to deal with the Hadoop based Application. Many of the Hadoop Components are installed and the complete configuration is being performed with many of the factors making the Application feasible and secure. On the completion of Apache Hadoop Corporate Training, the aspirants or developers can easily work on the Apache Hadoop Application and the  Hadoop Application can be easily built on any of the platforms.


  • Apache Hadoop allows to process large data sets across clusters of computers to do the distributed processing using simple programming models.
  • It is designed for single machine as well as for n number of machines. Each of which offers local computation and storage.
  • It is designed to detect and handle failures at application layer rather than rely on hardware to deliver high-availability. So you can deliver highly-available service on top of a cluster of computers, each of which can be failed.

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Day 1

1. Introducing Hadoop

2. Hadoop Components

3. Hadoop Distributed File System

4. MapReduce

5. MapReduce Programming

6. Hadoop Data I/O

7. Hadoop Cluster

8. Advanced MapReduce

Day 2

1. Hadoop on AWS Cloud

2. Managing Hadoop

3. Testing & Debugging

4. Hadoop Security

5. Sqoop

6. Big Data

7. Hbase

8. Hbase & MapReduce

Day 3

1. Hive

2. Pig

3. ZooKeeper

4. Avro

5. Cassandra

6. Mahout

Day 4

1. Ambari

2. Hbase

3. Chukwa

4. Integration of Components with Other components

5. Case Studies

6. Best Practices


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