Data Flow Graphs are being created for numerical computations with the help of Open-Source Software Library named TensorFlow.

Assessment of Code-Quality

Debugging Performance

Monitoring on Large-Scale

Data-Flow Graphs

Deployment in Single API

Computation deployed to one or more CPUs or GPUs in Desktop, Servers or Mobile Devices using TensorFlow based Application

Image Recognition

Some hard problems are easily solved using computer as Human brains are good at understanding images in TensorFlow

Complete Supportive

System is general enough to be applicable in large area and wide variety of Domains with TensorFlow

Machine Learning Framework

Google’s TensorFlow basically used to design, build and train deep learning models

Easy to Perform Numerical Computations

Large number of computations are performed very easily with the Single Page Applications using TensorFlow

Computation using Data Flow Graphs

Mathematical Operations are denoted as Nodes and Data as Edges for the Data Flow in Applications


Simple and Custom Solutions

Result in Graphical Notations

High-Performance Scalability



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