The software architecture, to work as a middleware for integrating numerous Enterprise applications using a bus like infrastructure, enabling every application to communicate with that bus.

Service Orchestration

Data Format Transformation

Mediator & Invocation

Consistency and security


Event driven SOA, Enriched and Complex event Processing using Enterprise Process in real world scenario

Distribution & Scalability

Easier deployment and distribution across the architecture and scalability to the most critical and complex scenarios within an Enterprise Process.

Custom Weight

Multiple interoperating services allows Enterprise Service Bus to be of customize weightage as enterprise process demands for.

Simplified Expansion

The enterprises can easily change the expandability of the applications or systems connectivity or integration to their architecture.

SOA Friendly

Easy migration to SOA, with existing system and plugging in reusable service on implementation of Enterprise Process.

Dynamic Data Transformation

Readily available Transformers automatically change the format according to the applications compatibility.

Flexible Integration

Huge number of modular components that offers flexibility for integration architecture’s incremental adoption in Enterprise Process.


Enterprise Supportive

ESB Technology Partnership

Functionality and Flexibility



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