Optimizing the business process workflow of an organization, leading the enhanced productivity along with the efficiency to manage and being pliant to the business environment mutations.

Human Centric Approach

Integration Centric

Document Centric

Hybrid Approach


Event driven SOA, Enriched and Complex event Processing using Enterprise Process in real world scenario

Knowledge Management

Sharing, collaborating, learning, reusing and managing the knowledge and business critical content becomes easier and efficient for Enterprise Process.

Cost Effective

The automated business process management curtails the cost of time taking process management and struggling with the accuracy.

Performance Analytics

The business process implementation that can be integrated with the enterprise applications or keeps a record of the performance on every stage, in real time.

Quality Operations and Process Management

The consistent performance-check, standardization & high-end accuracy do keep up with the quality & business agility for Enterprise Process.

Elastic Deployment

Flexibility of deployment in-cloud or on-premises, is an ultimate advantage for house-sensitive data using Enterprise Process.

Speed and Accuracy

The automation, agility, mobility and continuous monitoring manage the enterprise processes swiftly & precisely.







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What should you know about Activiti BPM ?

Activiti is an open source lightweight workflow and BPM (Business Process Management) Platform targeted at system administrators, business personnel and developers. Apart from efficiently managing business processes, it provides a highly extendible and scalable java based Workflow. The core of Activiti BPM is composed by robust and very fast BPMN 2 process engine for Java. […]

Get trained on brand new open source Activiti BPM

Make business process more efficient with Attune Infocom – Activiti training Activiti is a brand new Open Source BPM Platform added in Attune Infocom expertise list as one of the offering in BPM solution. Comparing other Open Source Workflow Engines Activiti targets not only the technical execution of processes, but the Business-IT-Alignment as well. Activiti […]