PhoneGap is a framework to enable the applications specifically design for an operating system to run over the other OS.

Command Line Interface

PhoneGap Desktop App

Developer App

PhoneGap Build


Open Source

PhoneGap is free and open-source, so connects & provide access to the support of PhoneGap community, instantly.

Third Party Tools

Phonegap community supportive tools to test, fix and manage the applications for Mobile Platforms.

Plugin Library

Highly scalable potential of hybrid applications, providing access libraries to powerful libraries using PhoneGap.

Bridging Framework

PhoneGap generally enables to run the application of any particular OS to all other OS as well.

Ongoing development

PhoneGap is relentlessly improving to be more productive, supportive and future-proof.

Native API support

Accessible to all native device APIs that allows the user to take advantages of native PhoneGap functionalities such as camera, accelerometer, GPS etc.


Expertise of HTML, CSS & JAVA

Cloud-supportive Development

Updated SDK for Building Apps



Ingenious PhoneGap Developer's are so resourceful that they understand the client requirements and their businesses so well, and keep the development&designing in synchronisation with it. They are capable to keep up with cross platform development & on choosing right technology to opt for

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