Digital revolution in travel industry introduced more Beneficial and amazingly managed ways to stay and survive in travel industry even into the excessive of competition.

Booking Software

Social Media Explosion

Data-Analysis & Presentation

Empowering Mobile


Online Booking System

24/7 booking availability, customer friendly and curtailed workload leads to more of revenue generation, up selling and commission free bookings.


Collecting and organizing the customer data, Smarter marketing and managing the customer relation on a wider market base with dispersed locations.

Smart Devices and Applications

Cross-channel, real-time & functionalities of the CRM applications & software, providing intelligible business insights and implementing the CRM processes.

Booking Portals and Online Agencies

Reducing the commission expenses are providing maximized revenue on lower booking cost by working 24*7 putting the utmost efforts of having no-empty bookings.

Social Media and Marketing Automation

The social media platform and automation has make the booking process and traveling very cozy and effective for the travel provider as well as the traveler.

Real Time Organisation and Coordination

Everything on real-time keep the unified information across the portals, applications and all other channels, keeping the system highly organized and mess-free.


Accelerate the Revenue Generation from Your Travel and Hospitality Industry, Avoiding Booking Clutters & Maximized Utilisation of Available Resources.

The internet expedited the global travel and tourism network all around. It not only uplifted the profit generation but caused the emergence of some outstanding travel technology to manage the soaring & diversified challenges.

Attune provide you the excellent ERP solutions, booking systems, integration implementation, real-time apps and softwares, intelligent business analytics and insights etc. that simplified the management, operations, and boost up the digital marketing. This will further stimulate the profit margins and productivity, dissuading the cost-time-effort line.



The Global demand of travel and hospitality services across the world has been increased dramatically. So do the market competition and need to be online to get bookings & digitally operate the business.

Pleasant View Resort

Report generating system for visitors to check  the online room booking status.

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