The industry incorporated with numerous vendors, Associates, larger Investments and potential to give higher profits which can be reaped only when managed properly, thanks to Digital world to open doors of great virtue for Real Estate.

Digital Project Management Tools

Centralised Vendor Management

Virtual Selling & Buying Competence

Real-time Analytics & Insights


Application-based Real Estate

EMS, Product designing and development, marketing, selling everything has becomes convenient & hassle-free with the digitalization of real estate.

Social Media Benefits

With social media it becomes simpler and faster to approach a wide market of customers, rather the global market.

Digital Office

Digitalization replaces the need of physical office to the virtual office, and also deduct the costs operations, administration and infrastructure.

Accelerating Lead Generation

In the world of big data, and social media the lead generation becomes a few click process Are providing the relevant quality data.

Massive Client Engagement

The digital platforms are more alluring to hold the customer engagement and be impactful with variety of content possibilities like videos, images, graphics, etc.

Higher Return on Minimal Investment

The cost of investments of digital methods of marketing and approaching customers are competitively very low then of the direct or traditional methods.


Big Investment and High Risk Deviating to High Profits, Informed Customers and Single Platform for All Vendors, Buyers and Sellers.

Connected and informed customers or other parties, increasing tourism and population, this ever growing industry follows the demand and supply formula. Technology made it simpler than ever before.

Attune real-estate expertise enables industry to find/connect all its vendors and associates, including the buyers and sellers, on a single platform as applications or portals. Our industry specific technology solutions facilities the industry with the smarter project management and sales and marketing automation tools & digitalised fund management possibilities that proliferate profits.



The manifold communication and data sharing network requirement, huge and gordian project management requirements have driven the real estate industry towards IT implementations.

Lodha Group HRMS

Server Migration

Real Estate Cafe

Online buying and selling portal for real estate buyers, sellers, and Agents.