Collaborating, Organising, and Implementing the most complex processes digitally

Information & Logistics Services

Enhanced Delivery Capabilities

Circular Economy Management

Shared Logistics Capabilities


Control Towers

Automatic regulations of logistics & operational control, augmented by Internet of things, monitoring the quality & performance

Analytics as a Service

Facilitating the service cost reduction, planning factory store and demand forecasting, asset maintenance and network Optimisation.

Cross-Border Digital Platform

Digitally enabled world-wide trading is encouraged, supported by step wise end-to-end delivery process by globally-open, cross border Logistic platforms.

Innovative Transportation Method

Facile physical transportation with drones, automatic trucks, 3D printing and Crowd sourcing.

Shared Transport and Warehouse

Cost synergies with flexibility and best utilization of resources available.

After-sales Logistics

Recovery and regeneration of resources after use, recycling, chemical used and long life cycle.


Evolution of Logistics Industry with Advance Technology Making the Most Convoluted Process into Connected and Governed Logistics Services Saving Abundant of Productive Time and Resources.

The anarchic logistics practices require extreme level of continuous analytics, monitoring and management. Such as, timely and regulated delivery and pick-ups, managed resources for maximum utilisation, etc. The failure may affect the whole system and its fecundity.

Attune world wide provide the solutions for routes-planning dynamically, pickup and delivery process management, dire analytics for impressive operations management, integration and collaboration technologies & exclusively designed technologies. The real time data & perpetual connectivity dramatically reforms the entire approach of logistics and transport management system.



The interdepartmental connectivity and management, supply chain management, transparency, timely of accomplishment, halt-free processes, communication and Information sharing etc. Are the nucleus of logistics management. With help of IT, it has become pretty cinch and remarkably productive.

Digital Armour

Internal Portal for complete Enterprise Management, Processes & Workflows.

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