Transmutation of public services aimed to strengthen the economy and innovation in government services.

E-Governance Management

Collaborative E-Democracy

Open Source Governance

Electronic Voting System


Digitally Connecting to People

The technology in apples the government to connect to people and interact with them in no times, leads to support reliability on government.

Interconnecting Devices

Integration of multiple devices with the government, is a good source of data, communication, & Analytics for more accurate government decision-makings.

Revolutionary Platform Sharing

With the innovation of virtual platforms like cloud and Internet of things, The government is sourced with high-end, dynamic resources.

Smarter Governance

Using the intelligence of software and technologies the government has become more smarter and precise than ever.

Quality Data and Analytics

The digital data is extremely accurate, safe and capable of volumized data processing to pop out the meticulous results and decisions.

Effectively Managed Work-Force

Digital wherewithal enable the work force to be more productive, cognitive & self-motivating to serve the country’s objectives.


Flair to accept digitization challenges of government-wide coordination, processes, big data, infrastructure and securing the confidentiality, etc.

The mountainous records, Widely scattered, large array of government institutions and agencies, Paramount need of policies’ Implementation & monitoring, policy effects and economic analysis, coordinating with businesses, different factors, public, employees, and other institutions, is not just pine for the digitization of government but also put forth it as a challenge.

Attune technology acquired the expertise to digitize everything even if its government agencies/institutes. Our technocrats have already experienced and have a lot more technology innovations to implement in this pertaining to various segments and their digital needs to meet.



Increasing public awareness, mismanaged and overloaded government data information, and wide array of distribution platforms and channels, highly convince the government institutions to adopt the digitalized infrastructure and services.

Ministry of Natural and Tourism (MNRT), Tanzania

Advanced Content management system Implementation