Making the cross-boundary education more interactive, efficient & convenient

Digital Education Management

Education Content Management

Digitalized Classrooms Education

International Learning Facilities


Campus-Smart ERP Solutions

The intelligent ERP solutions for managing campus operations and administration effectively with no stress.

Online Education

Providing education or learning is just one click away with the digital transformation in education industry, that avails all the education resources online

Digital Learning Technologies

The multimedia, web content, presentations, webinars, tutorials etc. are the Most efficient and modern education tools and technologies.

On Demand Education

Education has become more flexible to the learners as they can choose to learn how, when and where they want to.

No Geographical Barriers

Digitalization has broken all the geographical boundaries and allowed the education be open to everyone everywhere with one Internet connectivity.

Advanced Research and Innovation Capabilities

The training, research and innovation, at every level of education and corporations, are now very convenient and available with advance Technologies for more efficiency and reduced cost.


Transmuting Education Industry in More Digital, Connected, Synchronised, and Flexible Learning Solutions.

One-stop solution to all education management tools and technologies, smarter ERP solutions, and education content management, integration and synchronisation of multiple education channels or methods.

At Attune we provide campus-smart advanced research and learnings eliminating the geographical boundaries and providing access to the international grade education facilities. More innovative and modernistic learning Technologies with high definition such as virtual classrooms, learning videos and audios, webcast, webinars, infographics etc, making it more interactive.



International education on doorstep is trending. Industry is furiously accepting digital and online educational tools and methodologies, by breaking the boundaries of traditional classrooms.

Knowledge Beans Portal

Online training portal integrating Joomla and Moodle


Education portal & Sharepoint Integration