AngularJS is the advanced structural framework for the dynamic web application development for the concise and coherent application component expressions.

Cross-border Compliancy & RIA

HTML Template Language

Advanced Directives & Filters

Opensource & Reusable Components


Data Binding & Controllers

AngularJS leads to Auto-Synchronization of model-view component data. Javascript functions as controllers in AngularJS Application.

Dependency Injection & Deep Linking

Easy to develop, comprehensive applications, moreover, with featured book-marking function with the help of AngularJS.

MVVM Pattern & Routing

Model-View-View-Model design pattern & routing service for multiple views on a single page Using AngularJS Patterns and Functions.

Single-Page-Application Building

For faster, responsive and high quality development for AngularJS Application..

High Functionalities with Less Coding

AngularJS is completely ready to use customizable templates, make it ready to produce and deploy Application.

Rich User Experience

Data binding, reusable components, directives & filters etc. features are perfect for a rich and user-friendly experience for AngularJS Developers.


Test Driven Deployment

Highly Efficient Services

Simple yet Responsive Designs



With numerous successful accomplishment of projects based on AngularJS, Attune World Wide Team is crediting more advanced functionalities implementations in his account.

AngularJS Framework Benefits: Boon for Web App Developers

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The Oysters of Angular 2.0

Angular 2.0 development framework (improved version of angular 1.3) is very well designed to provide the developers with unique platform for web and mobile application development. The angular 2.0 Framework is supportive to multiple programming languages, flexible to cross platform functionality, Immutable and object style data structure with POJO data binding. The best part is […]