MuleESB APIs is Completely Supportive in managing many users, regulating and analyzing traffic and connecting to back-end data information, even from a single point.

MuleESB Points to API Gateway & Secure data access

Mobile & IoT Integration Via MuleESB API-Led

Single Platform API Management with Mule API

Mule APU Builds new API & design interface


API-led connectivity

Powerful framework for API-led connectivity. A unified platform for creating & designing new APIs/interfaces for existing APIs. The single platform, managing all APIs & exploring data through multiple devices & web apps while refraining the halts & failures.

API Manager

The one stop API manager to host the API running on any technology. Set API manager in a few steps, to monitor the users & traffic with secured APIs & ordered policies enforcement. Also, a strong API gateway to connect with any backend data source system.

API Portal

It’s a seamless navigation portal with many user-friendly and many supportive features. This portal undertake the guess-work from developers and provides the best practices framework for rapidly delivering tools required to use the API.

Easy to Deploy & Flexible Applications

East-to-navigate portal with featured tools keep it simple and swift to deploy the applications with scalability.

Transforming Business Models

Anypoint platform for APIs, simplifies the API creation & ensures the new API’s discovery and their uses.

Faster Front-end Development and Back-end Data Access

As an API gateway, Mule can connect the user to any back-end or front-end service or data source. Insignificant to the APIs hosting location and the technologies, API Manager monitor your APIs from a single point.


Agile Integration

Secure Data Processing

Productive Value Addition



The developers at AttuneWW, are the superlative experts of Mule and adequately equipped to develop and innovate the technology that has the potential to transform the business skylines.

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