Mulesoft provides the Anypoint Platform that cause the mule runtime engine to perform the data and application integration across existing system. This Java based light-weight platform is well-complemented with the features of API-Led connectivity and other Anypoint products.

Anypoint Platform leads to Runtime Engine & Services

Design & Management Centre using Anypoint Platform

Connectors & Platform Services with Anypoint Platform

Anypoint Exchange and API Portal using Anypoint Platform


API manager dispense-off stout connectivity and integration across SaaS, SOA and APIs, with a unified source with Anypoint Platform.


Anypoint platform integrates all the SaaS applications, the systems on-premises, in-cloud or even the hybrid infrastructure on a single click. The data-information is accessible from any device whenever required.


Anypoint platform integrate disparate Enterprises systems & partners’ ecosystem. It leads to competitive business advantages by implementing SOA with the API-LED connectivity for the agile data transmission.

API connectivity

Managing the complete API’s, inclusive of all the latest and existing ones to accelerate the enterprise data through a single platform to multiple devices and web applications with more security and monitoring over.

Unified Connectivity

Using Anypoint Platform, APIs and services can be run or design on this platform solely. Vast data, application and devices can be run on this single platform with stalwart API connectivity, whether in-cloud or on-premises.

Friction Free

Open standard and advanced tools allow the developers to conveniently build or modify the applications without coding, using pre-built templates, components, reusable building blocks etc with the help of Anypoint Platform.

Future Proof

Wonderful cloud compatibility with high scalability and future proof structure that is capable to blend with Big-data, IoT and other trending technology innovations with Anypoint Platform.


Pliable Mule ESB Services

Accelerate the Integration Pace

Boost Productivity



Attune World Wide partnered with Mule-soft provides the agile and friction-free connectivity to explore the benefits of various platforms and applications. The Attune World Wide offers its clients the developer-friendly and complete Mule Anypoint Solutions and supports throughout the execution.

Custom Connector in Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft provide another extension module that is custom connector in Anypoint Platform. And It provides the facility to connect with third party APIs.  Using custom connector we can interact with third party API. We can perform operations such as Insert record, update record etc.. Custom connector is reusable component. How to use it? First we […]

Attune World Wide’s team now possesses two certified “Associate MuleSoft Developers”

Attune World Wide (after joining the MuleSoft Partner Program) now possesses a team of expertise oriented and certified Associate MuleSoft Developers At Attune family, we have been honored to announce that we have got one more gem to add to ourAccomplishment Hat. Earlier we joined the MuleSoft Partner Program and now two of our team […]