Activiti BPM serves designing and deployment of the business process such as client or employee on-boarding,service fulfillment,contract automation, IT support, & case-investigation. its recommended for technology professionals and developers in the non business-critical enterprises.

Diversified and Critical BPM using ActivitiBPM Application

Seamless Business-Line Integration for ActivitiBPM Application

ActivitiBPM is completely Open-standard and Open-source

Customization and Scalability Performance with ActivitiBPM


Alfresco-Activiti is the enterprise edition of Activiti-BPM Suite. It provides complete enterprise-grade, advanced features and usability suitable to all type and size of businesses. Highly supportive to critical business processes, without halting at any point.

Flexible to Task Collaboration

Advanced features add to flexibility to collaborative tasks with ActivitiBPM

Advanced Integration

Open standard, easy Integration to Alfresco one, Box and Google Drive with ActivitiBPM

Enterprise-grade Features

Advanced & user-friendly features suitable to variety of businesses & its critical business processes using ActivitiBPM

Process & Content Management

Automated and optimized critical business processes along with productively managing corporate content for ActivitiBPM Application.

Unparalleled Process Engine Performance

Highly customizable process engine is extendible to Alfresco-Activiti BPM & integration of ECM & BPM provides simplified and optimized workflow.

Compliance and Information Governance

Smooth and stress-free integration of records & content monitoring so as to match with government regulations, corporate policies and audit requirements.


Old-Head Activiti Service Provider

Updated with Newer Versions

Expertise Maximizing Activiti Benefits



Attune has long been a reliable name in Activiti solutions catering global clients since 2009. Attune’s dedication, commitment and devotion make us feel proud.

With our world class services and facilities we have innumerable clients across the world such as UK, USA, Canada, India, Europe, Australia, Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

How to adopt BPM successfully

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Is Intelligent Business Process Management something really useful?

iBPM is certainly the new generation of BPM delivering enhanced visibility, faster decisions and better insights into the organizational operations Today, businesses face multifaceted complexities in the businesses and business environments right from increasing data volumes, multidimensional decision making to the emerging regulatory requirements and ever changing customer expectations. The conventional BPM (Business Process Management) […]