Open standard SOA, to manage diversified network Infrastructure for better productivity, agility and cost reduction with industry re-defining licensing model.

Integration Layer

API Layer Implementation

Processing Layer

Instrumentation Layer


Enterprise SOA can be used easily for the complete Management of diversified Network which in turn makes better productivity, Agility and Cost Reduction in the complete Application.

Loose Coupling

Using Enterprise SOA, the Services implementation in the applications remain unaffected by the developers.

Competitive Advantages

Integrating SaaS & legacy systems and APIs, for the extravagant benefits to the Enterprises SOA.

Communication Protocols

Establishes and manages the communication between applications on an remote end using Enterprise SOA.


The Enterprise SOA applications can be used on multiple platforms with heterogeneous environment.

High Availability and Extendibility

Redundant elements for Enterprise SOA keep it ready available via individually clustering Multi layered structure and load balancing for high scalability.

Quality Testing

Which tools and technologies of test suites avoids defects and instructions following the quality standards.


Location Transparency Support

High Return on Investment

Strong Security



Attune World Wide’s SOA solutions, help in simplifying IT by unifying the distinct requisites of IOT integration, cloud and mobile into one standard-based and unified platform.

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