CodeIgniter is the Powerful PHP Framework for creating Fast, Reliable and Accurate Web Application using the coding from the scratch

CodeIgniter is LightWeight

CodeIgniter is Open-Source

MVC framework

Specialized Functionality

Query Builder Database Support

Complete Database Installation and Integration for the Application are performed with absolute query building

Security and XSS Filtering

Basic Security and Authentication constraints are In-built with CodeIgniter Framework

Generating Clean URL

URLs are clearly defined and are search-friendly for the application created with CodeIgniter Framework

Punch Packing Capability

Large number of libraries are involved in CodeIgniter Framework for various task like database, email, validation and many more.

Performing Extensibility

Application can be extended on large scale using creation own libraries, helpers, or through class extensions in CodeIgniter Framework.

Not Required Template Engine

Template Engine does not match with the performance of the native PHP for the application in CodeIgniter


MVC Framework

Lightweight Process

Free and Open Source



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