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WordPress based e-commerce platform developed for a Travel Accessories Company

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Company’s expansion plans

We at Attune developed from scratch e-commerce website for travel related accessories company Green Channel for its online shopping store. The client wanted to provide the best travel solutions to its existing and new customers via a new online service. The idea was have business processes that enable real-time transactions conducted online as part of ambitious expansion plans.

Solution suited to requirement

In keeping with the brief, we developed a solution based on WordPress with a focus on accessibility, performance, security and ease of use for both the company and its customers. The implementation enabled customers, who connected with the e-commerce front-end, to browse through the product catalog, place orders and make payments in one seamless transaction. At the back-end, the company’s sales personnel could ensure that all sales orders were fulfilled successfully.

Minimal set-up effort

We ensured that the software implemented should work with a bare minimum set-up effort so that client could devote all their focus on sales of its products and services at all times. WordPress, as a software, is designed for this very purpose.

Site’s attributes

The company’s e-commerce site had the following attributes:

• Easy and accessible

• Responsive to search

• Fast yet neatly laid out

• SEO friendly

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