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Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

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Customer relationship management (CRM) systems provides easy information tracking and sharing to ensure that each interaction with a customer is meaningful, productive, and pleasant.

Why do companies choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM  (MSD CRM) for their business out of multiple CRM’s ?
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is unique in the CRM marketplace and is leading the way in innovation and usability across the globe.
MSD CRM is customer’s favourite CRM especially for its easy navigation. If you’re already used to other Microsoft applications (such as Microsoft Outlook or Internet Explorer), MSD CRM is the most straightforward option to choose for quicker user adoption, faster and best results.
Several years ago, CRM software was primarily about contact, account, sales and marketing, management. Today, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now a product that every facet of your business can leverage.

Deployment Options To Choose

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers organizations the power to choose deployment options and licensing. DCRM supports on-premise, Online (in-the-cloud) and partner-hosted deployment options. Microsoft is a leader in (Online) cloud-based services, with data centers across the world, it supports a robust physical network and attains strict data security.
Similarly MSD CRM accessibility is also excellent. Can access DCRM virtually anywhere: online, offline and also on your mobile device. And the best part about this is that it’s completely free of charge. This is something that especially Sales and Customer Service departments appreciate.


Companies invest in MSD CRM not only because it is powerful but also it is very affordable. Because of its flexible licensing and straightforward pricing model, their value for money is staggering. So the companies that choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM can benefit from savings of 13% over Oracle and 48% over salesforce.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers two types of licenses. Server license (SL) and Client Access License (CAL). Each deployment should have at least one server license and one CAL. CAL is also known as a user license.


If you do business only in one country, this one might not seem so exciting. But just think of the possibilities that are open to you if you decide to expand abroad. No need to spend extra resources on teaching language to all your foreign colleagues – they can start using CRM without any such training. More than 40 languages are available.

Some Reasons Why Should We Go For Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • A Global community where over 30,000 customers in more than 80 countries working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM using more than 40 inbuilt languages.
  • Sales Force Automation, Marketing service and Customer service.
  • Gives the right information to the right people.
  • High Data security, protects your customers & yourself.
  • Power of choosing the deployment options depending on customer requirement.
  • Simplifies service scheduling to keep customers satisfied.
  • Anywhere access, so everyone can be productive regardless of location.
  • Builds on the power of SQL Server Reporting Services to create insightful business reports.

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