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Attune delivers Mobile app to Zamy, the online food delivery company

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Zamy, the cloud kitchen and online food ordering company, called upon Attune to develop a comprehensive app for services planned to be offered to its customers, restaurant partners and manage backend operations. The Android and iOS-based app was required to be put through rigorous testing and uploaded on Google Play Store or Apple App Store for customer download and use. Client also wanted to add, edit, manage and promote special discounts, coupons, promo codes and special offers for customers and restaurants partners on the app, as also food delivery tracking by users in real time.

Customised app

The client required the Zamy app to have a very user-friendly interface, be based on open source technology and fast at handling several functions like menu selection, ordering, payments, etc. The app also needed to be secure as monetary transactions were to take place on it.

For customers

The clean and smooth user interface of the app — available on Android and iOS platforms — allows customers to browse through the pages and choose from a variety of menus as well as select the restaurant of their choice from the numerous listed. The app displays photos and prices along each food item. An item selected by a user shows up in the ‘Cart’ along with a complete break-up of the bill amount. From here, users can make payments online or by way of COD. The ordered can also be tracked online. The app displays the progress of the delivery person on the map in real time

For restaurant partner

This facet of the Zamy app enables restaurants to register as supplier outlets for Zamy, receive food orders and get them delivered. The restaurant side of the app gives out a notification to the outlet manager the moment an order is placed. He/she get the option to Acceptor Reject the order, depending on the availability of the item at the time. One a selection is made, a notification about the status of the order (accepted/rejected) goes out to the customer. Simultaneously, a message is sent to the delivery person about the order details and the customer address. The restaurant receives bill payment from the customer by POS mode immediately after accepting an order. The app allows outlets to track the progress of delivery persons while the ordered items are being prepared.

For delivery partner

Delivery persons are equipped with their own specialised app which notifies them of orders, addresses, payments etc. Usually, the person’s closest to the restaurant get the task. However, depending on the deliveries he has yet to fulfil, the delivery person has the option to ‘accept’ or ‘hold’ the latest task. After completing a delivery, he registers on the app of the fulfilment of the order.

Back-end operations

The Zamy admin app is managed and maintained by the company’s operations team. Its multi-faceted platform helps carry out a series of functions on several fronts all at the same time. The admin conducts tasks like adding restaurants to the list as they register, administering the customer service module, financial accounting based on transactions, managing the delivery persons, and other related tasks. In addition, we have developed a POS for the restaurant.

Tech used

Swift for iOS: The speed and performance of Swift, developed especially for iOS, is acknowledged worldwide. It is about 40% more efficient than other similar programme languages. Bugs, if any, in the Swift codes are easy to rectify, which results in a robust and functionally safe business environment.

Kotlin for Android: Most suited for Android app development, Kotlin is simplicity mixed with power. It has less code, and therefore it is more stable and chances of code failure are minimal.

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