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6 Major Benefits of Liferay

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Liferay has gained much popularity since the last few years. As it offers superior performance as compared to other enterprise portal platforms, it is a trusted choice of many corporates all over the world.

When you want to choose a portal platform, you should consider the following questions and get the answers:

1.      Does the platform you’re interested in comply with the global current standards?

Every company should favor the standards based technology over proprietary technology. There are several factors for this reasoning. Some of them are widespread knowledge, better longevity, and compatibility with third party systems. Liferay supports all the above mentioned standards. Hence, it is considered to be a scalable platform, when compared to others.

2.      Is it a smart investment?

It is a known fact that Liferay users have been smart about saving money. They get the most dynamic and flexible technology at lower costs and they can enjoy higher return on investment. Liferay is known to be less expensive to maintain. When you look at some of the competing solutions, you would have to pay for additional features. On the other hand, Liferay is fully equipped with several resources that businesses require to achieve their goals.

3.      Is the platform easy to adopt?

Liferay understands that the platforms that are easily adoptable are a preferred choice of most of the users. Being lightweight in nature, Liferay allows business to configure it, and implement quickly. It always focuses on user experience. The Liferay solution has an award-winning user interface, and easy navigation, making it easy to adopt by all the users in organizations.

4.      Is the portal social?

Going social for the portal ensures a better user experience. Liferay ensures smooth support for third party applications and full integration with popular social networking platforms for improved user experience.

5.      Does it allow customizations?

One of the major reasons why customers get attracted to Liferay is that it allows customization to suit the business requirements. If any new functionality needs to be added, tools can be added with just a few clicks. Liferay evolves with ideas and innovations that can match the changing requirements of the diverse audience, offering a competitive advantage to the customers.

6.      How much does it support CMS?

A sturdy portal requires to have its own CMS and integrate well with the CMS systems. Liferay possesses cutting-edge features like importing of external repositories, ability to define and use structured content types, and control HTML through a WYSIWYG editor.

Liferay is surely a leading enterprise portal platform for any kind of business. There are many other reasons of using Liferay other than the ones mentioned above. If you are planning to invest in for Liferay portal development, you’ve made the right choice.

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